LG's Elevator Prank Scares Its Way on to Viral Chart

LG's Elevator Prank Scares Its Way on to Viral Chart:
Today is the scariest day of the year, so it seems only fitting that LG's newest spot, "So Real It's Scary," tops the Viral Chart.
Aiming to demonstrate the amazing color-quality and clarity of its new IPS monitors, LG decided fool some unsuspecting elevator riders in a prank that is both hilarious and absolutely terrifying.
The video, created by SuperHeroes Amsterdam, first shows the prep for the prank; people arranging a 3'x3' of monitors on the bottom of an elevator to look like an actual floor. But once passengers board the elevator and it starts moving, it appears that the panels in the floor are dropping out. The camera catches it all on video as passengers react in terror, thinking they are about to plummet to their deaths.