Signs of a Cheating Wife- Sneaky Signs of a Wife That Cheats

You think your wife is cheating. She doesn't want to spend time with you anymore like she use to. She's not letting you get intimate with her anymore. Well, what I'm going to do is share with you the signs of a cheating wife. That way, you will know for sure if your wife is cheating on you.
The sneaky signs of a cheating wife are:
1. If you notice that your wife is hiding her credit card statements from you, then she's probably cheating. She's spending money, probably your money, on another guy, and she doesn't want you to know about it.
2. Another sneaky sign of a cheating wife is if she all of a sudden starts to spend a lot of time with her friends. What she is doing is going out with another guy. She tells you that she's spending time with her friends, when in reality, she's meeting another guy at a hotel.
She's actually going to another guy's house to spend the weekend with him. She will leave you with the kids and go out and spend your hard earned money. This is a sneaky technique used by a lot of women who cheat.3. If your wife gets mad at you, storms off, and tell you that she needs time apart to think, she's probably cheating on you. What she will do is make you feel guilty, tell you she needs time apart, and leave for the weekend to stay at a "friend's house".
4. Another sneaky sign of a cheating wife is her unusual computer activities. If you notice that your wife has different email accounts that she's hiding from you, something is going on. She's probably emailing another guy or sending him private pictures of herself.
Also, she could use the secret email address to start a myspace or facebook account. Or maybe even sign up on a dating website. She could then use a nickname or fake name to access the account. You will never know about it, either. You won't be able to trace her moves.
These are some signs of a cheating wife. If you notice that your wife is doing any of the signs above, you need to do something about it. Don't accuse her of cheating, yet. You need to find concrete proof that she's cheating.

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