Twins On The Way

I have been married for almost 8 years and my husband met up with a classmate from middle school on Facebook. I did notice that hr found a reason to delete me from our relationship status and also created another Facebook page. Now he has two Facebook pages. We did argue about it but he just tells me that he does know how to make the change. Anyhow, based on a lot of his unusual behavior last February 2011…. Around tax time, I left to be closer to family and he stayed with his family because of some legal issues with the courts. So to skip a few beats …… He came down south after a few weeks and nothing really changed between us. He ended up having to return to court, so we switched our two children and had to wait a few more weeks to reunite. So around the last week of June my husband was in a deadly tractor trailer accident and within days returned to my house 7 states away. He was normal towards me and wanted to be affectionate as usual.
We made plans to move back up north to follow up on his physical therapy and lawsuit action because he needed my help. We sold everything we owned and paid for greyhound tickets with our entire lives in bags. Once we reached our destination, we ended up homeless by only living off of my unemployment. My husband hasn’t worked since 2008, claiming his back was too injured. This time his injury allegations were extremely serious. In the month of September he insisted how I should buy us two new cellphones on the plan for reliability reasons. But when I lost my phone he refused to let me use his to make my business phone calls. I thought it was strange but I didn’t argue. I got my phone back ….. He started to be distant from me sexually and made plans to put me in my own place with his settlement and we would just raise our kids together. I thought it was disrespectful since I sacrificed a lot to help him. I was with him during many surgical procedures and then he got his first advancement on his settlement. He bought a Mercedes Benz…with NO job and living off of my unemployment. On the day he made the down payment he got a disturbing phone call which made him need to leave the dealership and walk up the street…. I asked him what happened but he blew me off. So life went on and around the teens of December ……..
We go to a hotel with plans to make a drastic move from this homeless shelter. My husband goes outside to check on the car and I noticed his phone charging. I picked it up …looked at the text messages and saw his telling some Spanish girl that he loved her. I looked in his pictures and videos….. The girl sent nude pregnant pictures of her belly, videos updating my husband on her pregnancy….. Video of herself masturbating while pregnant. I called her like a woman and she cursed me out. I saw emails since February 2011 and I found out all of this information on December 17th…… I read through more emails and s aw that she lost that baby on that same morning that we were at the dealership. They scheduled a time for her to come from Miami to NY…. She reserved an expensive hotel room back in March when my husband was supposed to be settling court issues and taking care of our daughter. He had the reservation itinerary in his email along with their love emails in a folder by the name of his elementary school. So, in the middle of all of this….. I am pregnant with twins due in July and their baby was supposed to be born this March 2012 and our marriage anniversary is March 19th. It’s strange because this girl looks totally opposite from me…. He talked about me like a dog to this girl.
I had to delete all of my social networking pages to avoid the miscellaneous messages from these girls. I notice that he is still on the Facebook and Twitter……. Regularly changing the lock on his phone. He told me that he looked up this Spanish girl last week and tells me how crazy she is and how much of a liar she was. In the meantime my stomach is growing and he finds ways for all of this to be my fault. Two weeks ago…….. I saw texts talking to some married woman from Twitter. I spoke to her and she tells me that he has been contacting her for two years via social network, giving her advice, helping her emotionally throughout her marriage issues, etc. All and any advice could help me in this situation. I could care less what happens because He doesn’t love me….. Lies to me and plots to use me indefinitely because he knows that I was abused as a child and dont have any family. I am 26 with two children and twins on the way

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